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At Bubba Energy, we're committed to unlocking the potential in UK homes by providing accessible energy efficiency solutions through ECO4 and GBIS, helping homeowners and tenants dramatically improve their energy efficiency.

“Around 29 million homes in the UK currently have the potential to dramatically improve their energy efficiency through home improvement measures” – EON

We want to help eradicate fuel poverty in the United Kingdom

Bubba Energy was founded with a mission to help eradicate fuel poverty for underserved customers, making a positive environmental impact and ensuring our customers have warmer homes. We are dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of homes across the UK, guided by a strong commitment to sustainability and customer well-being.

Government-Backed Grants

Our approach involves leveraging government-backed grants to facilitate energy-saving installations in homes. These initiatives, supported by schemes like ECO4 and GBIS, allow us to provide comprehensive energy solutions tailored to each household’s needs. By focusing on energy-efficient upgrades, we strive to enhance home comfort while contributing to a greener future. Our efforts underscore the importance of accessible energy efficiency measures, highlighting our role in fostering sustainable living and helping our customers enjoy warmer, more energy-efficient homes.

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Confirm your eligibility for ECO4 government backed energy grants worth £’000s!